Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do You Look Tired or Old?

 There might be more to the dark circles under your eyes other than lack of sleep or something you inherit. 
Do you drink enough water per day? How is your diet and exercise? Could your liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands be compromised?
Let's take a closer look.
Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests your dark circles under your eyes are signs from your body letting you know you could have possible liver/kidneys dysfunction or bowel congestion. An  iron deficiency (anemia) may cause a bluish hough below the eyes or even a wheat (gluten) intolerance is suggested. Try eliminating white flour/wheat products from your diet for a few weeks and see if there is improvement. Candida (yeast) will compromise liver/kidney function. If you are bloated, constipated or have skin rashes, you could have Candida, which reduces the absorption of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from your diet.
Dehydration makes dark circles worse. Water helps flush toxins from the liver. Be sure to drink a four ounce glass of water every half hour to equal 16 four-ounce glasses. If you drink more than four ounces at a time it is a bigger strain on your kidneys to filter water that hasn't hasn't had a chance to travel through the lymph system and cleanse body tissues. Proper water intake (4 ounces every 30 minutes) helps maintain the flow of nutrients  and the ability to release waste and toxins from the tissues.
Eating a nutritious diet and vigorous exercise 30 minutes per day not only aids in overall good health, but will help diminish dark circles.
Maxine Drake / CME
Business Development Consultant

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