Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Find a Good Esthetician

 The best way to find a good esthetician is a referral. An esthetician is a specialist in facials, waxing, skin care products, body treatments, and sometimes make up. A friend who has had a good spa experience would be my first suggestion. Maybe you like the way a particular friend's eyebrows look or how their skin glows. If you are new to an area and are seeking blindly, there are a few key things you can look for. 

She must be a fanatic regarding cleanliness and sanitation. (She washes her hands before touching your face.)
Appearance of the Esthetician (clear skin and nice eyebrows are good indicators)
Well groomed and friendly (your esthetician will be providing you with personal services)
Has proper licensing displayed
Current on latest products/treatments
Wear gloves during certain body waxing/extractions in facials
Gives a complimentary skin analysis (not all do, but is certainly a nice touch)

Don’t assume just because a spa is expensive that the estheticians who work there will be better than someone who works at a small business or rents her own treatment room.  
Most importantly, how was your over all experience if you went ahead and indulged in a treatment? Were you relaxed? Did she chatter too much? I always liked to discuss as much as possible during my complimentary consultation with my clients, so they had the pleasure of experiencing my pampering service.

If you have a story to share regarding your esthetician or facial experience please share in the comment box below.

Just another beauty tip from Maxine Drake- Your Beauty Advisor


  1. My sister is an esthetician and is a wonderful one at that!!! She is everything you listed!!! BUT, I hear stories of some clients that do not follow rules that should be politely followed on their end!!! :)

  2. Good to hear of another fabulous esthetician out there!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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